A Hero's Journey In Divergent By Veronica Roth

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“Divergent ” illustrates the living culture in future Chicago. In future Chicago , the society is divided into five different groups which are called fractions. Each fractions symbolize different meanings. Candor ( the honest ) , Abnegation ( the selfness ) , Dauntless ( the brave ) , Amity ( the peaceful ) and Erudite ( the intelligent ). Every year on an appointed day , all sixteen year old must choose one faction to which they will denote the rest of their lives. Once the choice has been made , there is no repentance. Beatrice , the main character of “ Divergent ” has come to the day where she and her brother , Caleb had to make their choice. Before the choosing ceremony , they had to go through a test to help them determine which factions they should choose but they can still …show more content…
Throughout the whole reading process , I felt like Veronica Roth is bringing her readers on an adventurous , violence yet interesting journey. This is one of a few books that I actually enjoyed the whole reading process. “ Tris ” was illustrated as a brave and dedicated girl. Her passion and strong will inspires me the most. Based on my opinion , I think that Tris undergoes a hero’s journey in the novel , “ Divergent.” Tris started off as a normal , weak girl until she was called to her adventure ; the day she had to make her choice at the choosing ceremony. Tris started off hard because she was weak. During her journey Tris met with allies that helped her throughout her journey. She met Christine , who was once a candor when they was trying to jump off the train to get to the headquarters of Dauntless ; Al , who was also a candor before. She started her journey when she jump down from a building in order to get to the headquarters. Tris volunteered to go first and when she landed on a net , she met Four , her mentor and also her instructor from Dauntless. Four was also a divergent like

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