Essay about A Group Panel Featuring Anne L. Bryant

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Video number five featured a group panel featuring Anne L. Bryant (who is the executive board director of the National School Boards Administration), Gene I. Maeroff (who has written many books on the field of education, especially in America), Christopher S. Barclay (who is the president of the school board in Montgomery, Alabama), and Chester E. Finn, Jr. (who is the president of the Thomas B. Fordham foundation which sponsored this particular discussion) that focused on the importance and necessity of local school boards. Each member of this group panel was given eight minutes to discuss their particular views on the importance and the necessity of school boards in American education. Anne Bryant and Christopher Barclay, in particular, voiced their opinions on why school boards are crucial to the levels of student performance in the classroom. Essentially, the main reasons that support this argument include the fact that the school board acts as a bridge between the state and local governments to the local taxpayers as well as the idea that school boards are composed of many people who are genuinely concerned about the individual education of every student in their school district. Also, since school boards are so diverse in race in gender, the school boards will be more open to change than other elected boards of officials. However, there were some other opinions about school boards that were presented in this group panel. Gene Maeroff said that, even though he…

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