Essay on A Gram Stain

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When finding out unknown bacteria you have to go through several steps to figure out what it could be. I was given unknown bacteria number 28 and asked to run different testing to identify exactly what this bacterium is. I ran 6 test to determine my unknown. These test includes: Gram Stain, SIM, Sucrose, Citrate, MAC, and EMB. Each one of these test are different and they will give a positive or negative feedback which is how we will know which bacterium I have. A gram stain is one of the most use stain in microbiology. The purpose of a gram stain is to divide microorganisms into gram positive or gram negative. In this procedure you will use Crystal violent, Iodine, Acetone, and Safranin. You use different dyes because Gram negative microorganisms have a higher lipid content and it’s soluble in acetone whereas gram positive microorganisms are less permeable after acetone and the crystal violet-iodine becomes trap inside the cells. When preforming this test or any other test it’s important to use your inoculating loop and make sure you do not cross examine the bacteria because you do not want contamination. After doing this procedure and examining it under a microscope, I can see that my bacteria is gram negative and my bacteria shape are rods. This is an important step because some bacteria get its’ name from its’ characteristics. As you can see in Figure 1 my bacteria have a pink color which indicate negative and you can see the rod shape. If my bacteria were purple, it…

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