A Global And Local Social Criticism Essay

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A Global and Local Social Criticism

Tsutsui Yasutaka’s broad spectrum of work has been branded everything from surrealism, meta-fiction, parody, social criticism, and science fiction. Though his works are multi-faceted, I will be exploring two of his works— Saigo no kitsuensha and Nihon igai zenbu chinbotsu , to look at how Yasutaka aims to criticize the flawed social structure that perpetuates the bandwagon effect, in the global society as well as his own Japanese society.

The main similarity that sticks out in both of Tsutsui’s work is the bandwagon effect that sweeps through Japanese society. This is especially prominent in the stages of discrimination towards the ostracized group. In Saigo no kitsuensha, as criticism towards the smokers grew, the majority of society slowly but blatantly dehumanizes the smokers. Tsutsui portrayed this in increments, beginning this narrative when the protagonist noticed the sign proclaiming “No Entry of Dogs and Smokers” (Saigo no kitsuensha, 71) at a nearby park when he ventured out from his house. Barring access into parks based on a habitual trait was analogous to denying entry of dogs into public spaces for fear that the smokers would dirty the public spaces, just like dogs. As the situation exacerbated, the discrimination not only affected him, but also his family. When the protagonist “requested his wife to purchase Shinkansen tickets” (71) for a “party of the literary society” (71), the prejudice spilled on to her as well as…

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