A Friendly Life with the Dolphins Essay

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A Friendly Life with the Dolphins
As a culture being a learned behavior for humans, it is for the animals as well. Humans have grown, evolved, adapted, and developed to survive; and their acquired skills and consistent improvements have accelerated such developments. Surprisingly, dolphins also have acquired such skills to live more convenient life by working with the humans. The article “Dolphins help fishermen to catch fish” describes how dolphins and fishermen work together. This article explains the special relationship between the fishermen and the dolphins in Laguna, Brazil, where dolphins help to catch fish by herding the group of mullet towards the fishermen, then signaling the right time to throw the nets (Welsh, 2012). This
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Evidently, this community has continued its tradition by enculturation, where younger fishermen learn this technique from the elders, and it is repetitively carried on from one generation to another. Also, the enculturation applies equally to the “cooperative” dolphin society. These cooperative dolphins have done the same to pass on this tradition to the younger generation through social learning.
Both the fishermen and the dolphins have adapted to this environment behaviorally and culturally. Although it would be natural to be vigilant toward each other, they have eliminated such state by learning this behavior and the culture over time, adapting to their unique lifestyle. For example, from a different perspective, it may be possible for the fishermen to fill threatened or intimidated by thinking of dolphins as their competition for such limited resource. Instead, they accepted the existence of dolphins, and understood. Also, the fishermen have learned how to behave in dealing with the dolphins, such as being patient, and learned to appreciate them as well. As well as for dolphins, they have learned that this cooperation is not only beneficial for humans, but for themselves as well. They have learned that, by helping the fishermen, using this technique, they are able to catch fish more easily, by simply waiting for the fish, escaping the net, to arrive in their jaws.
Another example of behavioral adaptations includes their language. The

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