Essay on A Friend Of Mine Is A Single Mother Of Two Young Children

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A friend of mine is a single mother of two young children who has struggled financially for several years after her boyfriend and she broke up. The father of her children is not involved anymore by choice and does not support any of them nor help with any kind of child support. She works full time and does her best to support her children. Even though she does not enjoy her job and the pay isn’t the best she has not found something else that works well with her schedule. She was struggling with feelings of hopelessness, sadness, fatigue and appetite loss so she decided to meet with a psychiatrist and was later diagnosed with depression. Comer 2014, describes “depression as a low, sad state in which life seems dark and its challenges overwhelming” (171).
In the psychodynamic view Freud believed that depression could be linked to loss or rejection of a parent in where an individual would regress to the oral stage of development and direct their feelings of sadness and anger toward themselves. Freud also explained both symbolic and imagined loss, where you associate other events with the loss of a loved one. According to Comer 2014, “object relations theorists, the psychodynamic theorists who emphasize relationships, propose that depression results when people’s relationships leave them feeling unsafe and insecure” (184). When looking at my friends’ situation it could be that she has directed the feelings she has toward her ex and the father of her children back to herself…

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