A First Look At Communication Theory Griffin, Ledbetter And Sparks

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Communication is used everywhere, every day, in everyone’s lives. Because it has such an important role within cultures across the board, it is vital to understand the act of communication to better understand those around you. Authors of A First Look at Communication Theory Griffin, Ledbetter and Sparks explain communication by breaking it into separate theories throughout the book. I have chosen just a few that were personally impactful and are the most relatable of all the communication theories. The first portion that I personally connected most with is symbolic interactionism. This theory basically states that all meaning in communication is created through language and by people interacting with each other. The authors stress the importance by saying that “without symbolic interaction, humanity as we know it wouldn’t exist” (Griffin et al., 2015, p. 54). The important key concept about symbolic interactionism is that it isn’t created from solely words. It is a combination of language along with actions and gestures people make that gives further meaning to the topic being discussed. These actions provide the listener an idea of what the communicator’s feeling are towards the subject and how they want this topic of conversation to be perceived. Griffin et al. (2015) used the example of a kitten in the book for the symbolic interactionism chapter. They used it because when we typically think about the word kitten, we think of adjectives including cute, cuddly,…

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