A Fast Paced Attention Grabbing Book By James Patterson Essay examples

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This is a fast paced attention grabbing book by James Patterson. The very first page grabs your attention and causes your heart to race just as it would I from the start the anticipation of what 's to come. Alex cross has a partner that he has known from the age of 10 these two form an unbreakable bond that only grows stronger as time goes on and as they both experience many losses and heart aches as well as many happy times. John Sampson is a man of character high morals he 's the type of best friend that you would do anything for he 's loyal, smart, funny and knows his partner as well as Alex knows himself. John is a friend that is willing to give his life for Alex with zero hesitation. After Geoffrey kills an ex girlfriend of Johns Alex has a hard time pulling his best friend back from a dark path of destruction.
Alex Cross is a black man that works as a homicide detective in Washington DC. He is the best detective that has ever worked on the force and one of the most decorated as well. He is very humble in nature and has a great sense of humor with an easy going light personality. He is a farther of two children one boy and one girl. His son Damon the usual pre-teen son he loves sports as well as music he has a great singing voice he 's very smart and has a witty personality. His daughter Jannie is a spitting image of Alex 's late wife and there mom of whom was killed by Gary Sonji.
Gary Sonji was one of the smartest most deadly serial killers Alex has ever faced.…

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