A Experiment On Genetically Modified Fruit Flies Essay

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This past summer I spent seven weeks working in Paul Garrity’s behavioral biology lab at Brandeis University. While there, I conducted experiments on genetically modified fruit flies, Drosophilia. This research focused on the sensory receptor systems that the flies use to detect changes in humidity and temperature. Using genetic modification we manipulated which genes the flies expressed and through even more trials will uncover which genes were integral to their sensory systems. This was truly fascinating work that is sure to change the world in the coming decades. It was an experience that I had planned to use as a springboard into a biology majoy and a career in biology. In the end, this summer job did wind up impacting my outlook on possible careers, just not in the way I had originally expected. The work in the lab was very regimented and like clockwork. Every day looked nearly identical. Around 8:00 AM the first lab technicians would arrive to find Paul already nose deep in the latest literature. Right where he would stay all day. The clink of beakers and the furious clicking of keys to a keyboard would rev up at about 8:30 AM around the time I would arrive daily. But only after surviving a half an hour of gridlock just to drive three exits. I had a small desk on the far end of one of the lab benches where I kept my notebook and a variety of sticky notes to keep me oriented in this foreign environment. The buzz of 9:00 AM on my watch signaled that I must emerge from…

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