A Dream Of A Simple Child Essay

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Despite and above all
“When a person desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person realize this dream.” Madiba was a poor young man who accepted to support everything in order to take his family out of poverty. It was all about a dream, a dream of a simple child. Madiba considered his life as a challenge to overcome. Sometimes, it’s the fear of failure itself that make a dream impossible to achieve. Madiba couldn’t think about failure even though his situation headed for the rocks. For some reason, Madiba kept in mind the fact that he had to survive, and also he didn’t give up his dream of being an engineer. Despite all, Madiba succeeded primary school and attended high school easier than he had expected. Adjusting to a new position and a new environment would take up much of his time, so he needed much more time to study. He couldn’t work so hard anymore to please Jake and his family. He couldn’t sweep the courtyard of the school because he needed time to focus on his study. On the other hand, he needed money to pay the school. He couldn’t quit his job too. He had to do something.
Madiba talked to one of his wonderful teacher about the situation. Her name was Claudia. She was a generous woman. Her students always said that she had the heart on the hand to express how she was open-handed and generous. She was touched by all that happened to Madiba. She wanted to help him in a certain way, but she didn’t know what to do. She knew immediately that…

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