Theme Of Desire In The Great Gatsby

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“Desires push people to give up something that they’ve had for something that they want.”
In The Great Gatsby, many things are hinted at and there are many themes and interpretations that can be made from the story. In my case, I based my findings off of desire. One of my main reasons for this is because of the amount of love that flies around in the story. It’s pandemonium in a sense. Even from the beginning, we learn early in the story that Daisy and Jay are in love. But when Jay left for war and Daisy promised she’d wait for him, all of that changed when Jay “went to Oggsford”, because shortly after Daisy married a man named Tom and now carries the last name of Buchanan. I thought it got even better knowing Jay lives right across from the
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The small plot of Myrtle and Tom’s affair is a big small plot. Myrtle and George have a dysfunctional relationship because Myrtle doesn’t love George while George loves Myrtle with all of his heart. Myrtle begins seeing Tom Buchanan and George has no idea. Tom is seeing Myrtle while Daisy has no idea. It really doesn’t matter at this point in the story because it’s already apparent. The actual significance of Tom and Myrtle having an affair with each other is huge because it helps all that desire in the story tie together and impact the outcome of the story in the end. Desire just screams at me when Myrtle betrays George like this. She is hurting someone who loves her for someone she wants. But in the end it’s very apparent that desire does things like this to people and you see this throughout the …show more content…
One of the motifs I picked out from the story includes the weather from the beginning to the end of the story. In the beginning, the weather was cruddy. The sky was cloudy and it was usually rainy. But near the end of the story when Jay and Daisy started falling back in love, the weather in the story was a great motif because it symbolized that times were dark until the desire was just too great to hold back and it caused the sun to come out or in other words when the desire turned out to be for the better. That is, until Tom shot

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