Essay on A Dog 's Dog : A Hard Time Taking Care Of Them

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There are many reasons that people who get puppy have a hard time taking care of them. There are hundreds of things you have to do with your puppy, when they are little, to get them to be a great pet. The Mother Nature Network says that the 6 biggest ones are socialization, taking care of vetting your puppy, chewing, separation anxiety, getting the whole family on that same page for training, and last, but most important, potty training. There are many ways to potty train a puppy. These include giving them treats, good praise, negative punishment, taking the puppy out hourly, and bell training. There are many ways to train a puppy to potty outside. Many people do it by time, potty pads, crate training, and many more. Today I am going to give you some insight on bell training your puppy. Modern Puppies tells us that over 50,000 dogs have been potty trained by bell training. They also say that some of the benefits of having a dog that is potty trained are “no more accidents in the house, no more waking up extra early to take them out, and no more rushing home from work!” Some of the things you will need to have, if you plan to bell train, are a bell that he can ring, treats, and patience. Bell training will take time, just as any other training would. Many people benefit from bell training a puppy at a young age to go outside. You can also train an older dog to go with the bell. First, you need to show your dog the bell. Show him that if he touches it he will get a…

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