A Discussion On Good And Evil Essay

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Theodicy is a term which describes the problem with evil in the world and begs the question, if an all-knowing, all-powerful God exists, why does he allow evil to persist among his followers? This paper will seek to examine the relationship between good and evil and attempt to provide some explanation as to how evil continues to exist in a world in which God is a part of so many peoples’ lives. An argument will be made that evil thrives in modern society not because of any action that God fails to take, but rather because of the fact that God has given us the freedom to choose our own paths and accept the consequences of our actions. Ultimately, those who choose to live good lives will be rewarded, while those who allow evil to consume them will be forced to accept their fate when the time comes.

Questions associated with believing in a God who is all knowing and all good, but allows evil to exist and bad things to happen to good people have intrigued societies since organized religion came to be. Devout men and women of all faith have undoubtedly been faced with similar questions by those who seek to either further understand or ridicule the tenets of their religion. Finding answers in this contradiction often times is done not to respond to those who fail to believe, but rather to enlighten the believer and strengthen their faith.
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