A Different Breed Essay

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A Different Breed For those who have never done it, they will never know the pain, sacrifice, the guts it takes to be this type of athlete. The mindset of knowing you 're going to go out there and try and rip the other guy 's face off for 6 minutes straight and know he is trying to do the exact same thing to you. It is not a mindset most people have or are okay with having. It is something very few have. A very rare breed of person that is on the edge of psychotic, and is willing to push over that edge to reach a level of success and capabilities no one knew was possible. What are they called? This rare breed are called; Wrestlers. Wrestlers are an athlete like no other. Yes all athletes and athletics require a great deal of physical activity however wrestling is on a whole another level. My first example is that itself; physical requirements. Now I have done just about every sport there is and not practice I have ever been in even compares to a practice I go through for wrestling. Just the amount of physical pain we put on our bodies by going hard, fighting to the death practically for long extended periods of times sometimes even up to 30 minutes. It is hard to explain and something you will never be able to fully realize until you do it but imagine being hit by a bus and thrown back to the ground. That is what your body can feel like after a full match of non stop wrestling. Your arms, your legs, your torso they all feel so tight, you can feel your muscles tightening…

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