A Desert Wind Blowing That Night Essay

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There was a desert wind blowing that night. It was one of these hot, dry California days that came down through the mountain passes and curls your hair. You just have an idea that something bad will happen. There was a clan named the Akagi Clan. They were the most powerful clan in the world. The Akagi Clan brought fear to other clans and they wanted a coup d’etat.
There was a trader in the Akagi Clan, he was part of the police force. His name was Mikio Akagi, a prodigy in combat and skills. He was working undercover for a clan named Akimoto, it was located next to the Akagi Clan. Both the clans have had history in the past. One day Mikio was summoned to a meeting with Akimoto, they were already planning to start the coup d’etat. They had told Mikio to do it the next day at midnight when everybody was sleeping, Mikio agreed to do it.
When the day came, he slaughtered his whole entire clan, he even killed his own parents, the parents understood what he was doing so they accepted it. That’s when his little brother Neji came to the room and seen his parents on the floor. Neji didn’t believe what was happening, I mean he did, but he didn’t want to believe it. Mikio just couldn’t come to the point to kill his brother. Mikio then knocked him out and disappeared from the world, never to be seen. He was the only survivor of the Akagi Clan. His little brother Neji had to live with hate and vengeance.
Neji was on his own now. He knew he had to get stronger to beat his older brother.…

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