A Demonstration With Apple 's Automated Customer Service System

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Overall, I was extremely happy with the effort my group put into this project. In terms of attending the group meetings, everyone was present and participated in the discussion. The first meeting took place on a Sunday afternoon at Baruch and the second meeting took place on a weeknight in the form of a Google Hangout. The times and places of these meetings alone displayed every group members’ commitment to the project, effort to accommodate for scheduling conflicts, and effort to ensure they are contributing their fair share to the group regardless the time or day of the week. At these meetings, we discussed ways to engage the crowd and critiqued each other’s slides and presentations. Personally, I came up with the idea of doing a demonstration with Siri’s speech recognition software, while Alexi and Konrad came up with the idea of conducting a phone call with Apple’s automated customer service system. Because Yigal and Daniel had topics that were harder to engage the crowd with, I suggested that they could try adding interesting or beneficial questions to their talking portions. Eventually, the group came to a consensus on implementing these engagement tools and we practiced them several times at these meetings.
Before attending the group meetings, every member ensured they had a majority of their slides completed so that we could run through the presentation. Though our actual presentation ran a little too long, the practice presentations were very productive, smooth,…

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