Essay on A Demographic Dividend For Tanzania

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A Demographic Dividend for Tanzania? Youth Engagement in Policy Formation
Chatham House, 21 September 2016. Chatham House rule does not apply to this event.
Speaker: Nesia Mahege (NM), Acting Country Manager, British Council Tanzania
Discussant: Constatine Manda (CM), Department of Political Science, Yale University
Chair: Adjoa Anyimadu, Research Associate, Africa Programme, Chatham House
What was discussed? The discussion focused on the “Next Generation- Youth Voices in Tanzania” report, a research project that gathered more than 3000 responses from the Tanzanian youth on career prospects, aspirations and fears. This study was carried out by the DFID in collaboration with the British Council Tanzania to provide a snapshot of the youth key issues and help shape policy post-elections.
NM provides an overview of the report’s main findings:
• Mentions how the “Next Generation Tanzania Report” was launched at times of political change, referring to the Brexit and the 2015 presidential elections in Tanzania.
• Highlights the UN and World Bank population figures, which corresponds to 53.47 million. In 2040, the population in Tanzania will reach 108 million people.
• The youth (15-24 years old) is almost one-fifth of the population and is predicted to double in the next two decades.
• What does this means in terms of demographic dividend?
• In order to access the challenges and benefits of the demographic dividend, we need to ensure that the youth is actually part of this…

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