Essay on A Deep Understanding Of Human Nature And Perception

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Plato has a deep understanding of human nature and perception. He uses his literary work the “Allegory of the Cave” to support his theory of forms. He argues that the material world, the world where we use our senses, is an unreliable way to view the world. Relying on your physical senses alone makes you blind. You are not allowing yourself to see the entire world if you only use your senses. The only way to see the true world is through abstract or philosophical thought he called ideas. Ideas represent the world more accurately than physical objects alone. Ideas are timeless and pure whereas physical objects are time-bound and have a limited existence (Richter 25). For example, every physical object on Earth such as a car is time-bound because at some point, it will break and rust until it finally vanishes from existence. However, he idea of the car will always remain. The idea of the car was conceptualized before the car ever existed in someone’s mind and thoughts, which is intangible. The physical object of the car is the manifestation of the concept of the car. This brings up the philosophical term mimesis which means to imitate which we discussed in the first lecture. The physical object is just an imitation or copy of the idea which came from someone’s mind. This theory of forms is why Plato does not have a good view on art. What an artist’s makes a sketch based on the concept they created in their mind. They are just mimicking their thoughts into their art and…

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