A Debt Assess On Job Creation And Environment Analysis

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To improve and to stop the world decline of the important resources they need to put laws into place and create organizations to fight back this problem. If they don’t the world will come to an end. However there are some people who disagree with this claim. In fact according to Motoko Rich and John Broder in their article, “A Debt Arises on Job creation and environment,” they state that many economists agree that regulation comes with undeniable costs that can affect workers. Factories may close because of the high cost of cleanup, or owners may relocate to countries with weaker regulations. This article essentially states that because of environmental problems are too costly to fix. They provide many examples on policies and facts that …show more content…
Which nobody wants, because there would be no future the people of today, nor will there be a future for future generations? Because the world’s important resources, such as water, trees, and power supply are increasingly dwindling. Which means if left to continue the water supply will become toxic. The trees will be gone or die and become nothing more than a legend. The world will plunge into darkness because of no electricity. It is up for the people of this world to fix this problem know before it is too late. If people follow the solutions that are provided and head the warning that is also provided the world will be saved. However without following the solutions such as the fixing the current system that the economy works on now, and the replacement of the old style power supply with nuclear power that is much more effective. The world will without a doubt will come to THE …show more content…
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