A Death Of The Family By Jim Starlin Essays

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A death in the family

When someone asks who the greatest superheroes of all time ask yourself which one did you consider the best, when I ask myself that question Batman and Robin both come to mind , because of their teamwork and how they stood for the greater good. The graphic novel I’ve decided to analyze is Batman: A death in the family written by Jim Starlin and published by DC comics in December of 1988. Batman a death in the family was far ahead of its time and brought something fresh and new to the world of comics. Before American Idol, this was the 1st true test of American phone voting. In just 36 hours DC received more 10,000 calls.

Jim starin was born on October 9th 1949, in Detroit Michigan, he served in the U.S. Navy from 1968 until 197, as a photographers mate. He started working at Marvel Comics in 1972, and have been working on and off with comics ever since. Some of his work includes the Amazing Spider Man, Batman, and Captain Marvel just to name a few. Jim starlin won the 195 will Eisner Comic Industry Awards. When Jim Starlin was unhappy with the editorial handling of his legion of super hero story, it was broken into separate parts and spaced out over a year, he became upset and removed his name from project asking to credited as Steve Apollo.

The genre of this story is super hero. There is no specific setting in the story and the and the main protagonist are Batman,Robin,Joker and Superman the main antagonist is the highly publicized joker. The…

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