Superhero In Watchmen

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The word “super” illustrates something of extreme excellence and “hero” usually describes an individual with courage and helpfulness. Together, the word “superhero” exudes an image of power, bravery, and increased importance. The name “superhero” represents those who use their skills to protect and save the people, but in some cases the heroes’ “helpful” actions are viewed as harmful by the public. In Watchmen, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons reveal, through the character Dan Drielberg, Nite Owl 2.0, and his benevolent intentions of helping others, society’s quickness to generalize and criticize individuals because of their own unrelated, consuming emotions regarding issues in their personal lives. Dan Drielberg’s backstory and his development into the Nite Owl reveal his …show more content…
Drielberg did not let the people’s negative outlook get to him, he continues to look at society clearly because, “no matter how black it got, when [he] looked through [his Nite Owl] goggles, everything was as clear as day,” (Chapter VII, pg. 9) After putting on his costume’s goggles, a rosy color fills the panels, symbolizing his hopeful outlook on life and his uplifting thoughts once becoming the Nite Owl. As a superhero he feels that he can save people, he feels that society can positively evolve, and as Nite Owl he can help. But once taking off the goggles, returning to his true identity, the harsh colors return, showing his feelings of helplessness and despair. The Nite Owl’s hopes of bettering society are never brought down, even though society views them as useless and harmful. The people view Drielberg as violent and crude because of the violent actions of other superheroes, like The Comedian or Rorschach. They take the actions of a couple superheroes and associate them with the whole hero community. When needing to save the people, Nite owl politely asks, “please, if everybody will just clear the streets,” which contrasts to the words of The comedian who

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