Essay on A Day On Earth, The Kronia Festival Just Started

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A delightful day on Earth, the Kronia festival just started. Summer was calling from all over, kids were playing on the narrow streets of small towns, birds were singing, golden crops were coming out of the ground, but some people were still desperate and poor. The miners didn 't enjoy this transformation, they didn 't have any soil that can bare the harvest, they only had the mines of the Great God Pluto,which had a lot of gold and gemstones. This wealth was trade with the God for some priceless coins that couldn 't feed a family.
But today when Pluto decided to come and make the exchange with the miners, they 've decided to keep it for their own, there was no gold for the master on the Kronia day:
"My lord",they said."we do not have anything that we can provide you with on the exchange of the coins, we want to keep the gold that we have hardly drawn from the ground with our sweat and hard work."

"Who can you, silly humans, dare to steal from my mines, broking our agreement", says Pluto."you all know that the gold is mine", he said with a mischievous smile on his face.

In just a few minutes all the men that tried to keep the gold that they 've collected were beated hardly , and chained, so that they will become the slaves of the underworld.
But Pluto was highly observed by Mercury, the messenger of Zeus. He was given the duty to watch how Pluto was treating his people. (Zeus was always worried about Pluto and now his concern had become the truth.)When Mercury reported…

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