In The Hymn To Demeter Is More Closely Resemble To Penelope In The Odyssey

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HUM1: Demeter in the Hymn to Demeter is More Closely Resemble to Penelope in The Odyssey than Calypso

In The Odyssey, Calypso resembles herself as Demeter, the goddess in Hymn to Demeter. However, Penelope in The Odyssey is more closely resembled to Demeter. Penelope and Demeter share one thing in common. When Demeter and Penelope struggle to fight with authority or pressure for their loved ones, Persephone and Odysseus, Persephone and Odysseus also suffered simultaneously when Demeter and Penelope struggle with higher power. This strong and positive correlation, one struggle and one suffer, is what Demeter and Penelope have in common. Demeter is more closely resembled as Penelope than Calypso in The Odyssey because struggling of Demeter
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In Hymn to Demeter, Demeter puts up a fight to against numerous gods, she even directly rejects the order of Zeus. After what she heard from Helios, the only god who watches over both gods and mortals, she “avoided the assembly of gods and lofty Olympus” (Hymn to Demeter, 92). One might argue that she does more avoiding than defying the gods’ will. However, she puts up a tremendous fight with the gods in Olympus at the end of Hymn to Demeter. Towards the end of the poem, she causes a disaster among both human and gods. This forces Zeus send his messenger, Iris, to ask Demeter to return to Olympus, as Iris tells Demeter “father Zeus, who has unfailing knowledge, calls you/ to join the race of the gods who are forever. /So come, do not let my message from Zeus be unaccomplished” (HOD, 321-323). Demeter does not obey what Zeus asks her to do. She does not obey Zeus order as Calypso does. After Iris failed his mission, Zeus sent down numerous gods to persuade …show more content…
Persephone and Odysseus suffer in the misery that the gods of Olympus put on them while their love one struggle as they suffered. Only Calypso has negative correlation with her object. Imagine if Odysseus does not have positive correlation with Penelope, then Odysseus should stay with Calypso as an immortal man; and Penelope shall marry to one of the suitors. If Demeter does not mourn over the loss of her daughter, then there will be no agriculture in Greece which will cost Greece to be uncivilized. If Penelope and Demeter do not possess positive correlation between their love ones, The Odyssey and Hymn to Demeter will have an opposite ending. Therefore, Demeter must more closely resemble as Penelope than Calypso in The

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