A Day Of Being Pampered Essay example

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Once the bump of the railroad tracks bounces me out of my leather seat, I know I am close to seeing the familiar smile of two of the most important people in my life. With the final turn, I prepare myself for a day of being pampered. This mundane drive occurred thousands of times, yet each and every time I drive up the rock-wall lined driveway that my grandmother has tirelessly spent puzzling together, I am filled with the recognizable joy. Opening the door release the fumes of bacon and eggs sizzling on the stovetop. Once I cross the barrier between the outside and the sweet smells, I untie and slip off my shoes, take off my jacket, and run to see my cousins after I briefly say goodbye to my parents, only to spare them from knowing the truth that I will not miss them while I am at my grandparents for the day. Despite the frequency of this trip, it always feels special for me.
A visit to my grandparents house meant two things: an endless amount of spoiling and a lesson to be learned. At their house, my grandparents indulged my wants. They gave me access to a drawer filled with all of my favorite candy, allowing me to turn the tree in their front yard into a secret mystical castle disguised as a small hut and providing me with a bin of toys to play with. Their kindness made me want to please them. I received years of praise from both of my grandparents. However, the time I spent with the two of them did not lack lecturing. A firm grimace accompanied by a stoic finger…

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