A Day For A Community Service Essay

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Christmas is a time to rejoice, a time to love, and a time to give thanks. With all the advertisements and black friday deals for presents, the true meaning of Christmas has drifted away from many people’s mind. Receiving presents is something to look forward to and be grateful for, however not everyone gets this experience. Not everyone wakes up to beautifully wrapped presents topped with string and a shiny bow. DEcember is one of the best months to give back to the community and spend Christmas cheer. A few years ago, I signed up for a community service event at my church. Walking into church that day, I had no idea what awaited me. The only information I knew prior to the event, was that families from the Philadelphia area were coming in to spend a day at our church to get into the Christmas spirit.
Being only eleven, I had no idea if these people were going to want to hang around a kid like me all day. When I nervously walked down the basement stairs to where the event was being held, the room was illuminated with vibrant holiday decorations. The decorations in the basement created a comfortable cheery feel that immediately calmed my nerves. Colored lights were draped across the ceiling along with glass ornaments that were attached to the strands of lights. The tables were covered with green and red table clothes that alternated every other table. In the corner sat a table full of pastries from snowmen shaped cookies to donuts with green icing and red…

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