Essay on A Day At Challenger School

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It was a pleasant spring morning at Challenger School. A calm breeze blew, and the sun shone brightly upon the Earth. Students ran out of the classrooms at top speed as soon as the bell for recess had rung, but I sighed heavily as I walked towards the playground with a heavy heart, my mind deep in though, my body heaving. I was in shock at the recent turn of events, and I was so angry that I felt like leaving my school forever. My friends and I would, at this time, have been playing tag in the playground, but now I not only had no hope for this, I had no idea of what else to do during my recess for the rest of the year. One of the people in my group, Kyle, had virtually become the leader and was now imposing extremely ridiculous and unfair rules.

These include that the other group members would become “suspended” from tag for a certain amount of time if they did something which made Kyle angry. This may not sound too bad, but to my and the others in my group, this was outrageous due to the fact that most if not all of the time, he had no true reason for getting angry at us. A few days ago, Kyle had suspended everyone in our group for one month. As the days progressed from that moment, he became even more harsh and impose rules forcing us not to talk to those who were suspended. As everyone was now suspended, we were only allowed limited time to talk to each other.

Now, as I sat down at a bench, I felt helpless, like someone stranded on a desert island with no…

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