Essay on A Cultural Assessment Model Of Transcultural Nursing

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Having cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity and cultural competence is very relevant as a professional nurse. There are many different models used for cultural assessments that were created by nurses. The Giger and Davidhizar’s Model of transcultural nursing outlines six factors that are useful in cultural assessment. This model centers on patient’s health beliefs and health traditions. There is key information needed to perform an adequate cultural assessment in diverse cultures. Diverse cultures and ethnicities are found in my local community. The Russian community is prevenient in my community and has their own beliefs, health issues and health behaviors.
The Transcultural Assessment Model, developed by Giger and Davidhizar (2006), focuses on assessment and intervention from a transcultural nursing perspective. In this model, the person is seen as a unique cultural being influenced by culture, ethnicity, and
Religion. This model is comprised of six different main ideas, theses key points are part of all cultural groups. The first point is communication. Communication is different between each culture. Communication includes non-verbal communication, voice quality and articulation. The second factor is space in the Giger and Davidhizar Model. Each culture has diverse views on space regarding public, personal and intimate space. The third factor of Giger and Davidhizar’s Model is social orientation. Each culture has their own beliefs on social orientation in…

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