Essay on A Crop Of A Successful Soybean Crop

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Glycine Max also known as soybeans are certainly one of the most important crops grown around the world, contributing protein and oil to the world. In America the soybean is often known as the “golden bean” or “miracle bean”. Many factors go into producing a successful soybean crop. Such are: GMO vs. non GMO, tillage, planting depth, planting date, harvesting date, pests, diseases, disease control, and weed control. The origin, top producers, uses, and the parts of the plant are important also.
Soybeans originated in Southeast Asia. Today they are found all around the world. The top producers include: United States, Brazil, Argentina, China, and India. They were first used in Asia just for their seed, not for forage. On the other hand the United States used soybeans for forage and sometimes green manure. Soybeans were brought to America around 1756. They were first planted in 1920 in America for crop production. During the Great Depression, Americans used soybeans to regenerate the soil. They did that because the soil needed more nitrogen. Today soybeans are the second largest in the United States for cash sale. Henry Ford encouraged the use of the soybean. Once people heard about it they started developing uses for soybeans in food and industrial products. Ford even made a vehicle body out of soy-based plastics. He also hired a chemist to develop an artificial silk made from a textile fiber, which was derived from soy protein fibers.
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