A Critical Journal Of Crime, Law And Society Article Review Essay examples

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Cressey’s statement relates to the Greg’s past where he was forced to beat up his closet friend with a bat for the sake of his gang title. Even though Greg knew that dealing heroine and beating his friend was wrong, he was forced by societal influences because it was necessary for his success and survival. Another sociological theory that helps explain Greg’s choices is the Reintegrative Shaming Labeling Theory by sociologist John Braithwaite. Braithwaite’s theory explained the idea that former and modern day criminals would get a label from society. For example, an ex-convict, who was recently released after serving five years for burglary will still be seen to society as a thief even after serving his sentence. However, Braithwaite expanded upon this idea adding the concept of shaming, both reintegrative and stigmatizing and how it was necessary to establish social control. In his Criminal Justice Studies: A Critical Journal of Crime, Law and Society article titled, From Prison To Integration: Applying Modified Labeling Theory To Sex
Offenders, sociology professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, William Mingus states, “Labeling theory also suggests that once a person is labeled a deviant, he will be denied essential life opportunities because of this stigma, and thus will have a greater propensity to repeat his deviant behaviors.” Professor Mingus’ statement explains Braithwaite’s main belief that crime is higher when shaming was stigmatizing but lower when…

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