A Controversial Issue Of Censorship Essay example

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The world has so many rules dictated by people that are never seen. Society blindly follow them without questioning who makes them and why they are qualified to do so. These commands include social expectations, government laws, and more. A controversial issue in today’s age is censorship. Many novels have been challenged and banned from curriculums because inexperienced people argue for senseless reasons. Parents, boards of education, and society have been continuing to ban novels from schools for personal benefit, politics, fear of individualism, and to inhibit students from developing.
For many years school boards have made policies and decisions for the gain of the members. In today’s world there is no such thing as being unbiased. Many books have been banned from a district because of reasons besides for the better of the students. They may say that they are banning a specific novel because it has many racial slurs and inappropriate scenes but truly it’s because of a personal belief or personal favor. The politicians that are elected to the board live up to the stereotype of a true politician. They put up a show to fool the public into thinking that all their decisions are for the students. They trick the public by telling them “the books will undergo a review phase… [which] will likely take several months” (Romano). After these several months have passed the public will forget about it and go on with their lives. The board members will get what they wanted and the…

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