A Consensus Among Millennials On Gun Violence Essay

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A Consensus Among Millennials on Gun Violence
The Millennial Generation has influenced the world through the things they have done in life, and continue to surprise older generations with their ideas, and with what they believe is beneficial for Washington. Millennials have witnessed mass shootings, have experience deadly events, all because of guns. Guns have always been part of the Millennial Generation, and by this, they favor the Second Amendment because they are convinced this generation has the right to bear arms for protection, just like police officers, and the military. Today, this generation has grown big enough to try to convince the government to impose restrictions on gun ownership that cause mass shootings in public places. This essay will examine the evidence provided to support the main claim, as well as the important dependent claims to see if it is sufficient and accurate. It will also focus on the strengths of the main argument to show how other sources extend, qualify and illustrate. David and Jack Cahn, in the chapter “Safer Streets: A Call for Reasonable Restrictions on Guns” in their book, When Millennials Rule: The Reshaping of America (2016), explain how most millennials oppose gun control, but believe that the federal government should impose reasonable restrictions on ownership (12). Cahn and Cahn see Millennials as the next generation to help restore Washington as they are a unified voting bloc and, to the point they want to do something regarding…

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