A Comparison And Contrast Of Traditional And Radical Islam Essay

737 Words Sep 30th, 2014 3 Pages
A Comparison and Contrast of Traditional and Radical Islam Founded over one-thousand years ago in modern-day Saudi Arabia, Islam is one of the largest and most influential religions in the world. Originally, Islam was a religion that focused on peace and respect and it was respected by numerous cultures, but recently, Islam, in various Middle-Eastern and African countries, has become more radical and extremist, most notably in terrorist organizations like the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS). What basic principles has radical Islam discarded from the original Muslim beliefs, and what policies has radical Islam decided to continue to share with traditional Islam? Although they are the same religion, traditional Islam and radical Islam are extraordinarily different yet somewhat similar on their beliefs and principles of the Abrahamic religion of Islam. In the art of combat, traditional Islam is more respectable in battle compared to radical Islam. Traditional Muslim combat policy enforced a code that stated that Muslim warriors were not allowed to kill holy men, innocents, livestock, and children, and they were not allowed to destroy crops; however, radical Islam is more merciless, there are reports of radical Muslims killing anyone who dares to defy them and their beliefs. Due to videos from terrorist extremist organizations, multiple people believe that Muslims have always killed their prisoners of war; on the contrary, traditional Islam’s code of combat…

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