A Climate Of Manifest Destiny And Severe Racism Essay

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In a climate of manifest destiny and severe racism, many in the 19th century wanted to expand the nation as long as it was the white nation. With much of the desired western land being viable farmland, many slave holders wanted to establish plantation on such lands. This desire to expand slavery and to expand white culture westward would bring up the long silenced issue of slavery. While westward expansion sparked the talk of slavery, events such as the Mexican War, Compromise of 1850, the Kansas and Nebraska Act, and the Election of 1860 would eventually lead to the Civil War. Produced by westward expansion, the Mexican War would eventually put a spotlight the issue of slavery and put even more pressure on the nation. While President Polk’s hunger to expand led to the Mexican War and the expansion of the United States, he did little to address the new issue of bringing or prohibiting slavery in the newly acquired territories. The addition of Texas, California, the Utah Territory, and the New Mexico Territory created even more tension between the industrial north and the agricultural south. Texas was already part of the Union as a slave state, which made the senate balanced between free and slave states. California had enough people to apply for statehood, but wanted to enter as a free state, and the south worried this would take their senate power away. Whether or not slavery would be permitted in the new territories was also a large debate. All of these situations…

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