Essay about A Classroom On The Classroom

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Imagine yourself in an empty pre-school classroom waiting for the pitter patter of tiny feet, eyes wide open and ready to absorb the knowledge. How will you set up your classroom to support the developmental needs of your students? I asked myself this question a few days ago and I thought of a group of children 2-5 years of age coming into my classroom on the first day. I will arrange student tables in the center of the room. Shelves line the community areas so they can place all their belonging out of the way. Projector, TV and whiteboard are at the front of the classroom for whole group instruction. The circle rug is near the book stand for reading time and other activities that are better suited for carpet time. An emptied area to allow for activities that require more free space. My teacher area is tucked away in the corner; don’t think I’ll need to be there much when I’m with my students. A kidney table for more personalized attention for students who need it. Lastly, a student computer area to allow students to use and get comfortable with technology. In my classroom design I will support the physical domain of my students by developing their perceptual motor skills. Perceptual motor skills are the use of muscular movements in response to sensory stimuli (Estes & Krogh 2012). An example of this from my classroom design is the empty space located next to the circle rug, in this space I will be able to lead my class in more physical activities and use their different…

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