Essay about A Classification Of Health And Health Related Domains

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The ICF, also known as the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health, is “a classification of health and health related domains” (, 2016, para. 1). The ICF looks at a particular person’s disability or health problem and unlike the bio-medical framework, it understands that a person’s well-being is both dynamic and complex. Its aim is to help people with illness or disability to live their lives fully and not just when it occurs, but for their whole lives. The ICF is based off the Biopsychosocial Healthcare Framework. Two main parts make up the ICF framework, however these two parts can be broken up into further subparts. The two main parts are Functioning and Disability and Contextual Factors. Functioning and Disability are separated into ‘Body Functions and Structures’ and ‘Activity and Participation’. Contextual Factors are separated into ‘Environmental Factors’ and ‘Personal Factors’. Body Functions and Structures are defined by (2016, para. 2) as “describes actual anatomy and physiology/psychology of the human body”, Activity and Participation as “describes the person 's functional status, including communication, mobility, interpersonal interactions, self-care, learning, applying knowledge, etc.”, Environmental Factors as “factors that are not within the person 's control, such as family, work, government agencies, laws, and cultural beliefs” and Personal Factors as “include race, gender, age, educational level, coping…

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