Essay about A Class Based Conflict For A Foster Care Service

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This ethical study will define a particular class-based conflict that I have experienced in the workplace as a caseworker for a foster care service in Harlem. In one particular case, I had a conflict of interest with a particular client that felt that I did not thoroughly understand their circumstances in terms of class status. The client assumed that I was too “well-off” to understand the life of poverty tht had created so many problems in her life. However, the client was unaware that I had also grown up being “poor” as an African American. More so, I had been fortunate enough to get a good education at a prestigious university and raise myself out of poverty. This case certainly defines an example of a class-based conflict of interest, which the NASW code of ethics resolves by identifying the class conflict with the client. I was able to remove myself from the case due to this perceived class bias, since the client was unable to find trust in our relationship. In essence, I will define an example of a class-based conflict as a caseworker in Harlem within the context of the Conflict of Interest rules of the NASW code of ethics. Last year, I worked with a female client that was extremely intelligent and was fully aware of class issues related to living in poverty. During one session, she made negative comments about my clothing being “fancy” and “expensive”, which was, in my mind, a comment about my class standing in relation to hers. Of course, I never behaved in a way…

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