A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens Essay

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A Steampunk Christmas Carol was exhibited on Sunday December 6th, by Pendulum Space. It was a professional show that added a new twist on the classic “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The play incorporated the storyline of the classic “Christmas Carol” with a steampunk twist that referenced Nikola Tesla and portrayed Scrooge as a counting house mogul who also deals in mechanical bits and pieces. The story also incorporates elements of the classic “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in one of the acts, adding to the darker elements of the play.
Interestingly enough, the original script for this play was written to be performed by the companies special needs children 's group, and the staging of the characters represented that idea well, without seeming adapted or overly obvious. For example, one of two narrators for the show is X2, an android, who is initially wheeled into the first scene using an industrial dolly, playing on the steampunk theme of the show while also seamlessly weaving in the child’s disability, this is just one instance of several that was only notable if you knew to look. In addition to that, the play was adapted very easily for the adult actors, and did a fantastic job of portraying Dickens original characters with one twist or another. To demonstrate, Bob Cratchet in this play was renamed Barb Ratchet. This name change not only represented the altered gender of the individual, from male to female, but also played upon the victorian futurism…

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