Essay on A Child 's Social Interest

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Homework #1 Alfred Adler discusses feelings of inferiority as they pertain to children throughout his works. A child’s social interest is also essential to development. This paper will examine examples of inferiority feelings and high social interest as discussed in two Individual Psychology books: Raising Kids Who Can (Bettner & Lew, 2005) and Children: The Challenge (Dreikurs, 1964).
How Children Learn Inferiority Feelings (A)The following example shows how a child learns feelings of inferiority (Children: The Challenge, Dreikurs, pg. 238). Ruth,9, was returning home after months of being in the hospital with polio. She wore leg braces and crutches to help her get around. She had spent months learning how to use them and getting used to doing things on her own. Once she was home, her mother began doing everything for her. Her mother felt guilty for everything Ruth had gone through so she began jumping in to do everything for Ruth. Every time Ruth’s mother saw her attempting to do something and struggling she would step in and completed the task for her. Ruth’s mother would also use saying “poor baby” and “what a shame”. Ruth eventually stopped trying to do things on her own and when at therapy she would not try and saw regression in her condition. (A) In this above example, Ruth begins to feel inferior due to her mother overdoing things for her after she spends sometime in the hospital. She comes out of the hospital different but well prepared to begin taking care of…

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