Dysfunction In The Glass Castle

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In Jeannette Walls’s The Glass Castle, Jeannette and her siblings experienced numerous events that led to the Walls’s family’s dysfunction. Many, if not all of the adversities the family faced were either caused by Rex or Rose Mary. The majority of events in the story that were problems had been caused by Rose Mary. Rose Mary is perhaps even more responsible for the dysfunction in the family’s home than is her alcoholic and abusive husband, Rex.
Rose Mary was a mother and wife. She was a very selfish mother and wife. She hoped to be a famous artist one day. When her mother, known as Grandma Smith, passed away, she had the choice between two houses. One was very valuable with green shutters and French doors and the other was older and made
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All the money spent on different types and amounts of materials Rose Mary had bought could have been spent on food and clothing for her family. An abrupt change from Phoenix to Welch occurred and Rose Mary still had faith in trying to start an art studio. “I’ll bet there aren’t any other artists living in Welch,” she said. “I won’t have any competition. My career could really take off here,” (135). While time passed by in Welch, and things started to go downhill. They lived in a house located at 93 Little Hobart Street that was practically described as a dump. It soon became an actual dump because the Walls did not have enough money to pay for their garbage to get picked …show more content…
“Anyway, they should accept us for who we are.” (157) Rose Mary was comfortable living the way she did. She used excuses like the one above about people accepting them for who they are. She did not enjoy working. Rose Mary was such a bad mother to Jeannette and her siblings that Jeannette realized even the town prostitute, Ginnie Sue was able to provide food for her children. One day, Jeannette’s brother discovered their mother secretly eating a family-sized Hershey’s bar. Rose Mary was so selfish she ate while knowing her children were starving. Rose Mary put her needs before her own children’s needs. One day, Brian and Jeannette found a two-carat diamond ring in a piece of rotting lumber. They had already planned on paying off the house and buying food and clothes. When Brian and Jeannette showed their mom, she explained to them that she wasn’t going to sell it, she was going to keep it. Jeannette pleaded with her mom to sell it because it would allow them to buy a lot of food. Mom agreed that they could buy a lot of food, but decided it would have a better use in helping with her self-esteem. She explained that at times like these, self-esteem was “even more vital than food,” (186). Jeannette agreed that her mom needed help with her self-esteem because at times, Rose Mary would yell at her kids. She would say she could have been famous artist by now if it weren’t for her

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