Essay about A Child Called It By Dave Pelzer

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A Child Called “It”, By Dave Pelzer is an autobiography about a young boy who was beaten, starved, and tortured by his mother. The book takes place in Daly City, California and starting on the date March 5, 1973. The first Chapter, “The Rescue”, talks about him getting away from his mother. It starts off with Dave rushing to do the dishes so he can receive breakfast. He ended up taking his hands out of the water and his mother had ended up stomping down the stairs and hitting him and bashing his head off of the counter top because she caught him. He has learned to just accept the verbal abuse she gave him and just shake his head to agree with what she had to say, and that he rather be hit then not allowed to eat for another day. Since he had finished his chores he had to do he ended up being able to receive breakfast, it wasn’t much, just the leftovers from his brother’s cereal bowl, but it was food. Little Dave then ended up being late for school because he was late on doing his chores and his mother had actually decided to drive him to school instead of making him run like he usually does. During school, his classmates make fun of him because of his scent because he doesn’t bathe and he wears the same holey outfit every day. Dave ended up going to the school nurse after she had saw him. She had examined him and asks him what happened and he gives her the same excuse he has been giving her which made her even more suspicious. She gets the principal to see him then later, he…

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