A Century Of Dishonor Is A Outcry For Justice By Helen Hunt Essay examples

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A Century of Dishonor is a outcry for justice by Helen hunt written in 1881.”One of the most prolific women writers of her time, Helen Hunt Jackson hoped to be remembered mainly for A Century of Dishonor: A Sketch of the United States Government 's Dealings with Some of the Indian Tribes (1881)”(Briscoe). Helen raises the question at the beginning of her book by posing the question to the reader, has the American government really been honorable in their dealings with native americans. Helen was an activist who fought for the rights of native americans, and had a close up view of the injustice the native Americans suffered through., Helen believed the overarching issue was not just the withholding of rights to the people but the eventual obliteration of their culture by forcing them to conform to the standards set by the government. The United States government and the American people dismissed the cultural integrity of the native americans and Helen believed the mindset of the country needed to be changed in order to open there eyes to wrong that they were doing. Helen notes many times in the introduction that her beliefs on the persecution of native americans and their dismissal of laws and contracts was a cruel trick that would hurt the native americans more than americans could ever imagine. Throughout the book Helen describes in vivid detail the torture ,killing and revocations of contracts and legislature promised by America. Helen uses many examples of native…

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