A Case For Animal Rights Essay

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In comparison, A Case for Animal Rights focuses on a rights-based approach as oppose to a utilitarian approach. “He reasoned that animals are subjects of a life, have inherent value that has nothing to do with their economic value, and they have interests that are as important to them as similar interests are to humans. He therefore concluded that animals have noninterference rights. That means that they should be liberated and be able to live their lives without human interference.” (Davis, n.d., p.392) “High levels of core disgust sensitivity are associated with dehumanization and prejudice against human outgroups.” (Herzog & Golden, n.d., p.496) Disgust sensitivity is a moral response individuals experience towards prejudice of specific groups, but research is suggesting that animals are now included and create this same moral response. The “...results suggest that among animal activists, core disgust has the opposite effect—that may it facilitate psychological processes that lead to the inclusion of other animals into ethical systems that have historically been restricted to our species.” (Herzog & Golden, n.d., p.496) Vivisection is the surgery used for experimental uses on animals, and an example of where this could occur. “C.S. Lewis (1988) wrote, “It is the rarest thing in world to hear a rational discussion of vivisection” (p. 160)” (Herzog & Golden, n.d., p.496) This goes to show that we have a moral obligation not to harm animals. Finally, it is argued “that…

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