A Carpenter's Daughter Summary

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For this week, I was assigned to read the article, A Carpenter’s Daughter, were written by Renny Christopher and this article was published on April 13, 2009. In the article, Christopher talked about her life, her identify crisis, and during her college times. The question for this assignment—“The author of a “A Carpenter’s Daughter,” has attained upward mobility, yet she is not completely happy. Why not?”
The author talked about her feelings about being the construction workers and an intellectual worker. She wrote, “And the truth is that I was never wholly one of them, just as I am not now wholly and unreservedly an academic. In that last year of working, when I was doing my maser’s degree at the same time, I never told the guys I was working with that I was taking that two hours in the middle of the day, four days a week, to go to classes. They thought I was going to the
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“Because of my background, I have a hard time defining the activities of reading a book or writing a paper as work. Teaching is borderline: sometimes it seems like work, and sometimes it seems like a privilege. Teaching is the only thing I have no doubts about, the only thing about the academic world that I love” (Christopher, pg. 140). Since she love teaching so sometimes she doesn’t really consider it as a work.
Christopher talked about the difference between her old self: as a construction worker and new self: as an academic worker. She wrote, “Of course what I call my “old self” was never really myself: it was the internalized voices of the world around me, to which I never really felt I belonged. Now, living in the new world, I tend to identify with that semi-imaginary “old self,” just as, as the time, I wanted to identify with some yet-unimagined “new self”(Christopher, pg. 140). She never really felt that she was belonged to either one of the worlds that she was involved

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