A Career As A Veterinarian Essay

2014 Words Dec 1st, 2016 9 Pages
Melissa Barrientos
Dr. Bennett
English AP LIT
December 1, 2016
A Career as a Veterinarian A veterinarian graduates with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and is trained to diagnose and treat diseases and injuries in animals. Veterinarians graciously provide healthcare treatment to animals, just as medical doctors do to human beings. They amiably care for house pets, livestock animals, aquatic, and zoo animals. Not only are veterinarians responsible for the health and welfare of treated animals, they are also responsible for the health of animal owners. Aspects like preventing the transmission of contagious animal diseases to humans. Veterinarians provide a wide range of services, most individuals simply don’t realize it. There are various institutions veterinarians can provide their services,such as; private practices, academias, private industries, government services, public health.
HISTORY OF VETERINARY Veterinary Medicine has existed since ancient times. Back then, such study was heavily centered on, studying and analyzing, the anatomy and diseases of sheep, horses and cattle. Modernly, veterinarians can specialize in behavior, eye diseases, internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, etc. In the article, A Quick History of Veterinary Medicine , it states, “The first known people to dabble in the field of veterinary medicine began around 9000 BC in Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Iraq” (Cole). This concretely proves that…

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