Essay on A Car Crash, By Sir Isaac Newton

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Clarkson said “It 's not how fast you are travelling which causes serious injury in a car crash, but it 's how fast that you stop.” During a crash the severity depends of how fast you break. Velocity, acceleration and Newton’s three laws play a vital role during a car crash.
Sir Isaac Newton discovered the three laws of motion in 1686. Newton’s first law, or inertia, states that “an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion, with the same speed and in the same direction, unless acted upon by and unbalance force.” (Classroom, 1996-2016) Inertia describes the tendency of an object to repel any change in motion, and also states that an object with greater mass will have greater inertia. When an unbalanced force acts on an object, there is movement in direction of the net force. For example, if a person not wearing a seatbelt driving a car at 60km/h, crashes into a wall, the person would remain travelling at 60km/h. This is because the wall would act as the unbalance force, which would only effect the car, not the passenger. Newton’s second law states, “the acceleration of an object, depends on the force acting on it and its mass.” (Classroom, 1996-2016) Force describes the product of the mass and acceleration of an object and is measure in Newton’s (N). For instance, if a car was driving at 100km/h and crashed into a wall, it would have a larger impact then if a car driving at 50km/h crashes into a wall. This is because, F=MA, and because you are…

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