A Bully 's Future By ' The Playground Gets Tougher ' Essay

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While the exact reason for aggressiveness is unknown, scientist have recently been making new discoveries on the root of the growing problem. Regarding this, Jane E. Brody’s “A Bully’s future, from Hard Time to Hard Life” highlights the growing problem of bullying and how it affects not only the bullies but also the victims later on in life. In addition, Pamela Paul’s “The Playground gets Tougher” looks into younger children’s viciousness and how the parent’s attitude could influence the growth or decrease in the child’s bullying. On the other hand, Dan Markowitz’s “Measuring Athlete’s Levels of Aggression” discusses the false belief that athletes can turn on and off their aggression on and off the field and how it can transform into destructible behavior. However, Jeff Deitz’s “Athletes Struggle to Channel Aggression Nature” considers the human anatomy is to blame for the reckless manners. Likewise, James Gordon’s “To Study Aggression, A Fight for Flies” looks into the biological difference between male and female fly brains and discovers that the males have more of the aggressive chemical in their brain. Overall, while every individual has a certain level of maliciousness inside them, the extent of their behavior may depend on the person’s upbringing, genetic makeup, or personal morals. While authority influences may lead to positive outcomes often times these influences cause irreversible damage to the child’s demeanor or attitude. Furthermore, Brody elaborates more on…

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