A Brief Note On The Woman 's Equality Essay

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Woman’s Equality in Law Enforcement
Women equality in occupations is a very big deal that will sometimes be overlooked, mainly because women may be afraid to speak up about all the problems they are facing in their occupations. Women are paid less, find work less, and make up a less percentage than man working in the field. For women in law enforcement it is even harder to have/keep their job. It took lots of persistence for woman to work in the field, let alone have a job close to this. Today, women present a major role in law enforcement, but it wasn’t always as “good” as it is now.
In the 70’s women made up about two percent of law enforcement, and most held a clerk-like job. Many of them face harassment by men or even their fellow male officers, most have a resentment toward the woman and will use his authority to overpower her. Most woman don’t meet the qualifications for a supervisory position, but most won’t try because they are afraid of their fellow officers. Since 1995 women have become to overcome this obstacle and go after the positions they want. Even though it isn’t large, women now make up roughly thirteen percent, the percentage has gone up by eleven percent and hopefully over the years the percentage will keep getting bigger and bigger. (Cops)
Men are very degrading to women especially during training, women are giving completely different set goals from men, or a different obstacle entirely because “they are not…

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