A Brief Note On The System Of Medical Care Essay

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A. Two-tier system of medical care / pg. 555: a system of medical care in which the wealthy receive superior medical care and the poor inferior medical care

In the film, we got to see many ways that the food industry in the United States is corrupt. Many of the practices these companies have taken on in order to mass produce food for our country are not very healthy. These practices also are not well regulated. There is an increased risk of cultivating life threatening bacteria in this process, and also releasing prions into someones body and killing them from the meat. The over consumption of beef, and other products high in saturated fat, already contributes to heart disease. Now that these companies have taken on these unhealthy practices of mass production of meat, we have even more to be concern about when it comes to our health. These factors lead to more and more hospitalization of people across America, whether it be heart related admission or a dangerous form of E. Coli has entered their body. For the owners, and the higher up employees, of these companies I am sure if a health concern arises for them they are immediately given the best care that money can buy. In contrast, the large amount of people who eat their product regularly, who are not nearly as wealthy, can be accumulating large amounts of debt over their health care, especially if they do not have a great insurance plan. This separation of medical care is termed the two-tier system of medical care, a…

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