Essay about A Brief Note On The Locus Of Control

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Locus of Control My score on this test was a 67 out of 100. Based on this score, I interpret my successes on a personal level such as skills and intelligence and external factors such as chance and other people’s help. I do not take credit I deserve for my successes. If I did more, my motivation and self-esteem would be improved. I strongly agree with this assessment. In fact, this is spot on. I do not give enough credit for my successes. For example, if I do well on a really hard exam, but realize a lot of others did well, I assume it was because the exam was easier than I thought. My self-esteem and motivation would rise if I realize no external factors affected me, and all of my hard work up to this point in my life was because of me and me alone. This assessment will allow me to realize that I am the influencer while I manage and that outside forces are not the ones responsible. External forces can play a role in decision making and how I would manage but ultimately my successes in managing come on myself, as I am the one making the choices and decision. If I had to manage someone who interprets success on only external factors and has no faith in his or herself, I would start by telling them that they are more than just a number at the company and they have human value. When the employee completes a task exceptionally, I would remind them that it was not because of external factors but rather it was because of their performance and what they put into it.
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