Karena Cawthon Summary

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While reading this article presented to me pertaining to the issues certain race of people have to deal with in society. I have received key information from this article which was written by Karena Cawthon for the New York Times. Throughout the article black people tend to face issues when it comes to finding well paid jobs. People say African American people tend to go through so much trial tribulation for the color of their skin. African American people who are highly educated and graduated from a highly respected school have hard times finding job than African American people with no education. Many and ask, in the paper Karena Cawthon explains it because the way the world is set up. Many high powered business tend to have a certain cultural through out there cooperation. For instance most high powered jobs are owned by Caucasians. They would rather keep the workplace dominantly for the fact some people want to keep it that. Why, they asked because if they change the work cultural people could feel a certain way or it could mess up there business cultural they …show more content…
They could also grow up in the same kind of environment. When it comes to get a job it seems Caucasians have had a greater chance of getting jobs since 2009. Why because certain race of people have better connection throughout the work force and are not judged because of their race. While other go through trial tribulations for years in order to get an equal opportunity as others. For example Karena explained in 2009 college graduated who are black males 25 and older has struggled to find jobs. While Caucasian men who graduated has had way better luck. Karena made chart explain that only 4.4 black males have found a job after graduation while 8.4 white males have found jobs. No one saying this right but this is how Social class and race play a key note in this

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